It just keeps getting better.

Tivax introduces a 9” widescreen all digital portable TV Hirez9 to stand along side its previous 3.5” and 7” digital portable models.

Like all its Tivax predecessors, the HiRez9 will go every where, and operate wherever a digital television signal is available.

Take it camping, hook it up at home. On special occasions you might even take it to the office.

The new HiRez9 reflects a lot of the traits of its previously announced Tivax portable digital brothers, except it is noticeably larger and just a mite slimmer. Gives it that extra sleek look.

Of course, the 720X480 digital panel does give the HiRez9 a crisp sharp display that is the envy of the so-called competition. Amazing what a little larger screen will do for enhancing one’s natural beauty and bringing out that little something extra!!