Sunnyvale, CA —– Michley Electronics Inc. announces their latest addition to its extensive line of portable digital televisions– the MiTV-A35. The 3.5″ unit is so small that it can actually fit into one’s pocket. Even a couple of the more discerning technical users have been overheard muttering that it is “cute”. Across the entire line-up of Michley Tivax portable TV’s ease of use has always been paramount. Naturally, the MiTV-A35 is no exception. With its super compact footprint (dimensions), now all one has to do is slip the unit in a pocket, head out the door and enjoy TV wherever there is a digital signal. All easily accomplished with the traditional easy to use Tivax control interface. The built-in telescoping antenna makes good reception a reality. There is also a magnetic antenna, included not an option, that pulls in even more channels. With typical battery life, this affords users with up to three hours of viewing time. Insert an SD card or utilize the USB connection and you can play a video up to 6 hours. Never again miss your favorite TV program, sporting event or stay current with the latest news with the Tivax MiTV-A35. Maybe, you will even meet someone new, someone appreciating the technical “cuteness” of this device. For more information on where this latest and littlest Tivax TV can be purchased, please contact Michley Tivax (1-888-338-4829) in Sunnyvale, CA or order online.