About Michley/Tivax

Welcome to Michley Electronics, Inc.

Michley was established in California's Silicon Valley in 2005. Our products can be found in the aisles of large American retailers under our Michley brand names (MiTraveler, Tivax, and Lil’ Sew & Sew) or by OEM/ODM under the brand names of marketers contracting our manufacturing services.

Our line of sewing machines ranges from the small handheld ZDML-2 to larger desktop machines such as the SS-7059.

Michley Electronics warehouses and distributes products to stores, distributors, and other customers. We look forward to serving your needs and making your life just a little easier.

Michley Electronics, Inc.
530 Showers Dr. STE 7-204
Mountain View, CA 94040

Phone: 1-888-338-4829

Email: support@tivax.com